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About Alluring Concepts

Alluring Concepts offers a fresh perspective on design that combines a modern, yet timeless esthetic that reflects our client’s own style. We are a one stop for all projects big and small. Whether you are renovating an old farmhouse to suit your busy family, styling your condo for sale to stand out from the rest or opening up a new restaurant and want to nail the design the first time, Alluring Concepts can turn your project into reality.

Alysha Siciliano Perry


Guided by her lifelong love of architecture and design, Alysha earned her B.A. in Art History and Architectural Design from Hofstra University in 1999. She then went on to earn her Masters in Interior Design, NESAD at Suffolk University. She founded her first interior design company, All Phase Design Services in 2004 which focused on high end interior design with an emphasis on individual style and functionality.

After years of working with her clients and being their advocate in discussions with their contractors, Alysha went on to receive her Construction Supervisor – Unrestricted license and form Alluring Concepts in 2013. Alysha believes that home owners, designers, and contractors should work as one team to help the vision come to life. She believes strongly that, as with most trades, the lingo, norms, and general standards can be frustrating to non-tradesmen (i.e., the homeowners). Alluring concepts bridges the gap and ensures that the client’s dreams and wants are heard above all else. Above all, what drives her are the long-lasting friendships that began through the very work she dedicates his life to and the new relationships she makes with each project. When she is not passionately designing and advocating for her clients, Alysha enjoys spending time with her husband, travel, and personal design and carpentry projects.

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Chief of Operations

Christopher Perry

Production Manager

Chris is currently working as the Design Firm’s Production Manager, scheduling, organization, planning and meeting all clients, Chris’s present work experience is helped by his previous work experience of 20 years as a Lieutenant with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. His abilities to organize, plan and schedule in the Correctional environment has been very helpful in the challenges of today building world of constant evolution of scheduling and order placement. Chris brings an element of informed decision making while keeping clients informed of daily developments in every aspect of their projects. Chris loves what he does, and that pride shows in his communication with Clients and personnel.

Chris grew up on the South Shore with a very small family, his mom and dad were lifetime small businesses owners and the attention to detail has been instilled in the foundation of his outlook of providing for the customer.
Chris attended the University of Massachusetts where he was a Philosophy Major and Criminal Justice minor, before starting a career in Public Safety.

Elyse Foley

Assistant Designer

Mark Hutchings

Project Manager

Mark Hutchings grew up on the South Shore in a family of generations of tradesman, including experience with finished carpenters, framing and electrical trades. Mark holds an Accounting Degree from Bridgewater State University and has had his own tile business for over 15 years before becoming the Alluring Concepts Project Manager. He brings a wealth of skills and experience to his project management, from practical knowledge to great communication and organization.

Mark lives on the South Shore with his wife and 2 wonderful daughters, who are his pride and joy. He enjoys quality family time, especially time spent together making homemade gourmet pizzas on the outdoor pizza oven Mark built himself! Mark enjoys the challenges of construction, and takes great pride in his work with guiding new projects to come to life.

Michael O'Donnell

Lead Carpenter

Mark Rogers

Finished Carpenter

Jack Campo

Finished Carpenter

Tyler McNeill

Carpenter Apprentice